JacksonVegas is an alternative/folk band from Jacksonville, FL. In 2015, the group released a new EP , entitled “Someday Is As Good As Any Day”.

JacksonVegas is the brainchild of songwriter/producer Grant Nielsen. He has been writing singer/songwriter content for over 20 years, behind the scenes of his other projects. In 2011, he decided to debut JacksonVegas; whose name is derived from the “big-town/little-city” mentality of his hometown, Jacksonville, FL.

The group consists of four core members, with Nielsen joined by Bea Gayle on drums, Cyrus Quaranta on keys, and Ernie Douglass on bass. A larger, extended lineup adds many more players to the group, including John Parkerurban, Juanita Parkerurban, Myrna Stallworth, and Crickit Balsamo.